Free Design Event!

Free Design Event!

March 12, 2014 at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers.
Only a limited number of tickets are available so be sure to reserve yours soon!

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Checkerboard Floors: A Classic

Checkerboard floors have been around for centuries.  They are a timeless classic that can complement any room or style decor – a bold statement, yet with an historic grace and elegance.  And now Marblehead can claim it’s own artisan of geometric floor painting, Rob Warner.

Rob’s first interest in this specialty came upon a visit to Key West, where he learned how to make hand-painted floor cloths.  When it came time to refresh his own kitchen floor, Rob and his wife, Hanna, decided on the checkered look without the cloth.

The result (below) is an absolute beauty.  It took time and the meticulous care of a craftsman, but so does anything worthwhile!


Much of the charm of painted wood floors is that the character of the wood is still visible, it’s grain and joinery.  If you love the appeal of antiquity, whether in your cozy kitchen or formal foyer, this is definitely an option to consider.

Here are a few more rooms made spectacular by painted checkered floors.

A-500Cottage-Kitchen1 black-and-white-checkerboard-floor  perfectlytaylord floor-squares-2-l black-white-checkerboard-kitchen-floor

Send us a message if you’d like to get in touch with Rob for a quote on Artisan Geometric Floor Painting.

In-Home Design Consultations

Are you in need of a bit of advice for your next home renovation project?

Do you need a professional opinion on setting a budget
before you settle on the size of your project?

Are you in need of help to determine all the options
and figure out the best solution?

Would you like the option of planning your project
in small steps without obligation? 

Schedule a Two Hour In-Home Design Consultation!  

Here is what you can expect during your consultation:

  • An assessment of the existing conditions
  • Determination of your needs
  • Options for solutions based on your preferences, including draft sketches
  • Discussion of cost parameters for each option
  • An overview of what to expect during the course of your project
  • List of referrals for qualified craftsmen and/or
  • A do-it-yourself shopping list

Design Consultation Fee = $195.00

Value = Priceless peace of mind for honest opinions gained from years of experience behind the construction scene!

Project News!

Check out a few recent projects by Linda M. White, Architectural D E S I G N E R


Introducing The MBC!

The Marblehead Builder’s Consortium (not just in Marblehead) announces its debut as a new and progressive home renovation team on Boston’s North Shore!

With methods for well-organized planning and execution, we work hand-in-hand with homeowners on residential projects of all types with budgets of all sizes.

Our services go beyond design-build with a keen focus on the delight of our clients when the project is complete.


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